Ken Kennell calls a small “tiny home” on a farm in New York, as his residence, but, in reality, is now, truly an artist of the world. He and his wife spend more time traveling to different places on the planet to create paintings and harvest inspiration from the different people and their cultures, vistas, and climates in all of the hemispheres of the globe. Ken has been creating paintings since 1970, mostly employing an Impressionist technique known as “Pointillism”.
The French Neo-Impressionists Georges Seurat and Paul Signac were the first artists to popularize the demanding style of Pointillism, or as they preferred to call it – Divisionism. This kind of painting depends upon the close juxtaposition of tiny points of intense pure-tone colors to produce a whole that is made up of its integral vibratory parts. It is also, as you can imagine, one of the most time-consuming methods of painting known. But unlike Signac’s and Seurat’s work, Ken Kennell attempts to create works that are alive with movement rather than static, paintings that seem to change with one’s “angle of regard”. While still being faithful to Pointillism’s style based on the law of optics and simultaneous color contrasts, there is a marked lack of Divisionist rigidity in Ken Kennell’s paintings. They move, and flow, and glow!

Ken, for over four decades, has been successfully selling his paintings and woodcarvings to clients from around the world and his pieces are in the private collections of heads of state, C.E.O.’s of major corporations, celebrities, and private individuals, worldwide. Kens work has been exhibited in many prestigious shows in Washington, Alaska and Hawaii and was a juror in the Alaska Woodworkers Guild’s annual all-Alaska Woodworking Show.
In addition to being a painter, Ken is an accomplished woodcarver, furniture builder, musician, a builder of one of a kind custom homes. Ken also teaches Art and Guitar to children and adults.

He has been awarded woodcarving commissions by the Municipality of Anchorage for work placed in the Anchorage International Airport, Miller Brewing Company, The Westward Hilton, Alyeska Prince Hotel, and works commissioned by private collectors.
In addition to exhibiting his work at the Four Seasons in Wailea for five years, he has exhibited at the Hana Coast Gallery, Martin Macarthur’s Gallery in the Shops at Wailea, at Maui GiClee in Kihei, Na Pua Gallery at the Grand Wailea and the Turnbull Gallery in Kahakuloa and Paia.

Ken has had solo exhibits at Studio Maui, Troposphere Studios in Haiku, The Toast Theatre’s Loft Gallery, The Gottstein Building lobby at University of Alaska Anchorage.

Teaching experience:

1992 – Rabbit Creek Elementary. Anchorage, AK
1 Day Program in 3 classes (2nd, 5th, 6th Grade)
2 hours each Education History: No formal education past High School
class (1st, 5th, 6th Grade)
Drawing on water color paper of rabbit jumping up the back of a walrus. The drawing was divided into 24 squares, each student painted a square using pointillism not knowing what the image was, until the end of the class, when the painting was assembled to reveal an image created by all in the class. Similar projects were done in the upper classes, using images of whales, jungles and people. This concept became the backbone of the success oriented program that I have been taking into the schools since.

1994 – Girdwood Elementary and Junior High School. Girdwood, AK
1 Day Program using student participation to paint, using pointillism, a large woodcarving cut into blocks, which at the end of the day would be assembled to reveal a bass relief carving with the name of the school, highlighted with 60 students interpretation of pointillism. This work now adorns the walls of the school main entry.

1996 – Diamond High School. Anchorage, AK
1 Day Program in Sophomore Art. Pointillism

2002 – Troposphere Studios. Maui, HI
Taught art classes in my studio for up to 5 students, elementary and Junior High School. 6 weeks programs for 1 year.

2003 – Montessory of Maui. Makawao, HI
3 months, 1 day per week
After teaching fundamentals of pointillism the students created a stage set using interactive movable panels that illustrated the different activities in a day at school. The state set was one painting that was manipulated to make 4 complete stage sets.

2005/2006 – Hana Elementary School. Hana, HI
Taught K-6 1 day a month for 9 months. We created 4’x 8’ interactive painting with 50 panels that illustrated the activities that the kids experienced in daily life.

2005/2007 – Hana Community School. Hana, HI
Taught fundamentals of pointillism and created portraits, landscapes and the Hana Kupuna interactive painting with over 1000 combined hours.

2008 & 2009 – Roots, Huelo Charter/ Home School. Huelo, HI
24 kids, 1 day program.
Large painting of whales to coincide with their nature studies
Interactive school Sign for Front Entrance
Gallery Affiliation: Turnbull Gallery, Wailuku, HI and Hana Coast Gallery, Hana, HI

1994 – 2nd place, Alaska Juried Art Exhibit, sponsored by Alaska Artists Guild
1995 – Solo Exhibition at Toast Theater Loft
1996 – Solo Exhibition at Carr/ Gottstein Bldg. U.A.A.
2003 – Schaeffer Portrait Challenge at Maui Arts and Culture Center
Solo Exhibition at Troposphere Studios.
2004 – Solo Exhibition at Studio Maui.
2006 – Maui Calls, Annual Benefit Invitational Art Exhibit (invited to paint an actual Ukulele)
2006 – Maui War and Peace at Elan Vital Gallery
2007 – Celebration of Hawaii Invitational at Viewpoints Gallery.
2008 – Commitment to Excellence Juried Exhibit sponsored by Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce
2010-Hawaii Craftsmen Show, Honolulu Academy of Arts Gallery, Art of Trash, Maui Mall, 3rd place
2011, Beyond Sculpture

Jaqui Carr, Anchorage Alaska:

1993 – Carved Painted Mural 60” x 60”
1995 – Painted front entry door
2000 – Pointillist abstract, “Gillhillquist”

Municipality of Anchorage

1996 – 11 Woodcarvings

Len Erikkson

2004 – No Luna Triptych
Portrait of his wife
2 Temporary Miracles

Chilkoot Charlies

1996 – Carved and painted front door (commission)

Miller Brewing Co.

1996 – Mural (commission)

Westward Hilton (Fairbanks AK)

1997 – Large woodcarving (commission)

Tom & Bev Porter

2004 – Triptych Aloha Aina

Jim Kartes

2004 – Triptych Makapu

Anthony Caputo

2005 – African Elephants

Warren Youngquist

2005 – Interactive painting

Fred Kane

2006 – Mexican Caballero

Barry Salomon

2005 – Mauna Lei

Fred Turner (2007 – 2008)

Commission: Slide Guitar Blues
Sprouting Koa Guitars

Purchase: La pequeña ballerina
Old man with burro
Epitage 3
Epitage 4
Epitage 5
Pele’s Triumph
Ikekani Ana Pahu
Spirit of Hula
Jerry Garcia
Keola Family Traditions
Molokini/ Kahoolawe (gift)

Theodoro Obiang (President of Equatorial Guinea)

2006 – Epitage 2

In many more private collections, too numerous to list. Complete list of clients available upon request.
Publications: Artbuzz the book, 2009 issue.

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  2. dermot shiels

    kendo i truely love this new site’i feel so lucky to know you ‘ok i wont go to far” once a leprechaun always a leprechaun,some day befor i die or you die’ i will buy a painting your work will be legendary,and a treasure to have for all to feel your spirit,the variations of themes and symphony of colors are not short of spectacular”’ your friend the little leprechaun.

    May 26, 2011 at 7:41 pm

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